Money & Life

It seems like everyone around me is struggling. Either with their emotions, finances, or both. I want to help them, but I have no way to help with finances, and no matter what I say, I can’t make them happy. They come to me to vent and relieve their stress, but I feel like I’m not doing anything to help them. I wish I could give Lex a million dollars so they could be happy and live in harmony. I wish I could relieve Shana’s stresses about her mother so she can go on with her life and focus on her future. I want these things, but it’s so hard, and it seems to bear down on me. I am eroding away with all of these emotions, and it makes me sad to see them like they are. I try to help out by lending what cash I have, and taking them around to get applications at places. When I help them, I feel good at the moment but then later on, I see they are only the same as they were before. I, too, am struggling to find a job… To gain money that I need so I can save up for my future. Why is it so hard? Has the job economy really gotten that full? I have to fill out a million applications just so I can get one interview with a manager. It’s ridiculous, and the government “wonders” what’s happening. It shows us that we have to make good decisions throughout our early stages of life, but it also shows that if we don’t make those good decisions, it’s hard to make a living after we learn from those mistakes. I wish things were easier for everyone, not just me… Because everyone deserves happiness.


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