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Samurai Champloo Cosplay

This is so cute! They really did a good job with their costumes! Way to go! I want to cosplay Fuu. ;-;

click here :3


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Premonition and Infection are the first two “J-Horror” films I have seen. They are scary, freaky, and a couple of the few movies that have really creeped me out. Anyway, I totally suggest watching them or collecting them if you are a fan of horror flicks. I know I am. E-bay, here I come!

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Writer’s Block

Lately I have been wanting to write. I want to write poems and stories. Every time I pull up ScribeFire, my mind goes completely blank. I have these ideas and thoughts of what to write, but then it disappears. I hate writer’s block. Any other time, when I’m not in the mood to write, I have great things sounding out in my mind. Now, when I want to write, it doesn’t show. A mind is a mysterious thing. Why can’t the words come out? Why can’t I express what I want to say, without being confused? Things come out as a mess. I hate writer’s block.

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Burning Ember

There’s no way I can explain it. It’s just there. A burning ember in my chest. It screams and tells me things I cannot ignore. I can feel it beating inside of me. There’s a feeling I get when I talk to him, and the ember grows brighter, warmer. I cannot explain how I feel. Is it too soon? Maybe, but there is no stopping it now. I feel the desperation to be loved to feel loved, wanting it all. I dare not change that feeling, because there is a voice deep inside of me telling me that I will be alone forever. I ignore those voices and stay true to that burning, growing ember that burns behind my breast. What it emits, I listen. I hear the messages it sends and I respond the best I can. My mind tells me things differently, but I cannot bear the thoughts. It is burning, can you feel it? It is beating, can you hear it? It is growing, can’t you see it?

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Furcadia Furre

Furcadia is a great RPing game, if you don’t mind furries. I have been playing it on and off for several years–at least 5. I have met very good friends on there, and just had a lot of fun at times when I was bored. It’s something to do, and you have fun while doing it. A lot of places require paragraph role play, but there are several places (A.K.A. dreams) that don’t mind if you just chat. Download it. It’s completely free!
Furcadia – Let your imagination soar!

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I recently saw an old couple (in their 70’s, I think) walking out of an ice cream store holding hands. It made my heart melt. I want to be deeply in love with a person when I am that old. I want to be able to look at my spouse and smile, still having those butterfly feelings in my stomach. Love seems to be so rare with me. Well, I fall in love too easily, but it’s not the same with other people. I wonder, is it lust? Possibly, but I cannot explain it fully–it’s confusing. I hope I find that special someone who will still whisper sweet nothings into my ear even after years of marriage. I want him to feel like he would never think of leaving me. It would be so great. That elderly couple had smiles in their aged faces, but they still saw the love that continued to burn in their hearts after all those years of marriage. That’s what I want.

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ScribeFire for Firefox

ScribeFire – Fire Up Your Blogging!

Wow. I have to say thank you to Miles for this add-on to Firefox. It’s easy, quick, and will definitely make my blogging easier. Check it out, and if you don’t have Mozilla Firefox, get it!!

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