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Perfect Day

I was surfing through the web, and found some interesting writing prompts. I decided to choose “Design a perfect day.”

A warm and breezy day with the sun beaming down. I am sitting under a shady tree with my back against the trunk in comfortable clothing with my hair tied back in a bun. My glasses are hanging off of the tip of my nose, and I have something in my hand. Most likely a pencil, pen, paintbrush, camera, or something of that sort. A large tablet is sitting in my lap, and intricate drawings are all over the paper. Great drawings with meaning and beauty. I paint, sketch, write, and photograph all day–making beautiful works of art. I am pleased with them all, and very proud, too. I feel so comfortable and so relaxed; nothing is on my mind. I have no worries at this moment, and there is always a comfortable smirk on my face. After I make many great pieces of art, I stand and stretch. There is a lake with a dock and canoe. I strip my pants off and underneath my clothes is a bathing suit. I keep my t-shirt on and step into the canoe. I paddle all over the lake with my camera, taking great pictures of fish in the water and birds in the trees… I paddle back to the dock and tie the canoe and set my camera in a safe place so it won’t get wet. I jump off the dock, landing in the cool water. Swimming, I float on my back and do laps and dive for the bottom. After I am done with my swim it is getting dark, so I start a small campfire. I change into a big sweatshirt and some shorts, my hair drying from the heat of the fire. I smile as I watch the flames, relaxing in the peaceful environment with all of my elements. I fall asleep under the stars.


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Peace. Love. Unity.

Love your enemies.

“Now first let us deal with this question, which is the practical question: How do you go about loving your enemies? I think the first thing is this: In order to love your enemies, you must begin by analyzing self. And I’m sure that seems strange to you, that I start out telling you this morning that you love your enemies by beginning with a look at self. It seems to me that that is the first and foremost way to come to an adequate discovery to the how of this situation.

Now, I’m aware of the fact that some people will not like you, not because of something you have done to them, but they just won’t like you. I’m quite aware of that. Some people aren’t going to like the way you walk; some people aren’t going to like the way you talk. Some people aren’t going to like you because you can do your job better than they can do theirs. Some people aren’t going to like you because other people like you, and because you’re popular, and because you’re well-liked, they aren’t going to like you. Some people aren’t going to like you because your hair is a little shorter than theirs or your hair is a little longer than theirs. Some people aren’t going to like you because your skin is a little brighter than theirs; and others aren’t going to like you because your skin is a little darker than theirs. So that some people aren’t going to like you. They’re going to dislike you, not because of something that you’ve done to them, but because of various jealous reactions and other reactions that are so prevalent in human nature.

But after looking at these things and admitting these things, we must face the fact that an individual might dislike us because of something that we’ve done deep down in the past, some personality attribute that we possess, something that we’ve done deep down in the past and we’ve forgotten about it; but it was that something that aroused the hate response within the individual. That is why I say, begin with yourself. There might be something within you that arouses the tragic hate response in the other individual.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He is very inspirational, and I respect that man so much for what he was. It seems like anyone who is good in life is brought down by hate and anger, then never seen again. Why is this so? I don’t think it’s a question anyone can answer. It is fate. Just like everything else that happens to a person.

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Teenage Angst

Why, when you are young, does the world seem to be after you? I know right now it feels that way, but it’s not true. I have had so much happen throughout the little life I yet have, and it just keeps on comin’. When you have a friend and that friend ends your friendship because of the ‘influence’ you have on them, was that person really a friend? There have always been signs that were lit up and neon telling me that this person wasn’t going to last. I just ignored them and kept on going. First, there had been multiple times this person and I have argued or fought. All friends do that, it’s a given, and you can’t always rely on that as evidence. What really should have been a sign was when the person who I thought was my BEST friend stole from me. He stole my $100 Simon Gift Card I got for Christmas… ON CHRISTMAS. Wow. I think that’s as low as a person can get, for being your ‘best friend’. I should have left him high and dry right then, but I couldn’t because I loved him too much, at the time. Even when he stole from me, I forgave him and still considered him a friend. How stupid I was for doing that. I should have listened to my mother and father and just let him go, but my heart wouldn’t let me–and I had to give him a second chance, that he ruined again recently. Well he didn’t ruin it for me, this time. I am sad, and feel like I wasted time and money on this person, but I don’t think I did. Like my mom said, it was a learning experience, and I learned that you can’t always trust a friend when you think every thing’s okay. Apparently I was a bad influence on him, although he wanted to smoke and drink, too. It wasn’t just me. We both did it, and he says that he’s not trying to pin things on me, but that’s exactly what he’s doing by saying that I ‘influenced’ him. I am going to get this out; he’s two-faced, hypocritical, secretive, sneaky, and down-right stupid. Complete idiot, if you ask me. He says bad stuff about one friend to me, then turns to her and says bad stuff about me. He does it to make everyone like him and to be honest, it works. But once you do that for so long, and with the ‘right’ kind of people, it turns on you like a beast in the night. Like Karma. What goes up, must come down. Always. Personally, I am pretty depressed about this; just because I don’t have anyone my age to confide in and relate to. All the other people I know, don’t really want to hang out or talk or anything; I don’t blame them because I never really gave them the time of day. Simply because I was always with HIM. I wish I could go back in time, but I can’t, and I have to “face the music” as they say. Well, I am facing it. With my chin up, eyes wide open, and a huge smile across my face. I will not let this get to me, although I sometimes think about it too much and get angry and sad all at once. But I am not going to worry about it, because that’s exactly what him and his little friend want me to do. They want my life to be ruined, but actually I consider this a rebirth. Like a Phoenix bursting to flame and rising from the ashes as a new soul. I never wanted it to happen, but it did, and it taught me a great deal about people and whoever you might think are your friends. I personally want to thank them for giving me the chance to start over without having to do it myself; I am too soft and I break down to easily. I would never be able to do it myself, apparently.


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Domino Effect

what my life is...

Well, it’s that time of my life. Yeah, you guessed it. College time. I am currently stressed out about scholarships, ACTs, grades, and as every teenager has–my social life. Things are so hectic, not on the outside, but in my head. Any time I think about this kind of stuff, I get a pulsating feeling in my brain. Like a headache, but it’s controllable with just my thoughts. I wonder if this normal for a college-bound student. How I would love to work all of my schoolwork in one month and get two six-weeks over with, but I know it’s going to be harder than that. I am doing good, though, because I have knocked out 4 weeks, out of 12, in only 2 weeks. You may have to read that a couple times to understand it, but yay! I am happy for myself. I have also started some essays for scholarship applications. That is very stressful as well. This up-coming Saturday, of course, are my ACTs! Wow. A lot of stuff all at once. How come that always happens to me? Do I do it myself? I don’t know. This summer, I am cracking down and doing all the essays and contests I can to win me some scholarship money and get through my duel-enrollment at Christian Brothers University. Then I will only have about 3 classes to do for my senior year. How exciting. I am so excited. In about 4 more weeks, I will hopefully be done with my junior year… In most classes such as history, english, and math! Anyway, I will be soon posting things up here that show you some contests I will be in, and you can vote for me to win! For scholarship money, of course. So please vote, and know ahead of time!

Much love and appreciation… *Oh how am I going to survive the wave of books that will be cast upon my shoulders??*

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