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human evolution sequence
     One topic that stands in my mind is evolution. Evolution is a topic that is argued by many scientists and Christian believers. When I think of evolution, and my beliefs of it, I think of the human evolution sequence. The picture shows an ape in its bent-over stage, and it progressively gets upright, walking on two legs and human. Humans and apes are very similar. Their brains, their appendages, fingers and toes, and even their bones are similar to ours. The reason they are not identical, is because they are not fully evolved. The spine structure is not complete, therefore they walk hunched over and most of the time on all fours. Apes are very intelligent, and even today scientists are teaching them things by speaking to them, telling them to press the correct button or point out the correct number/color. Although some do not believe in evolution, because of the theory that God created all mankind and all animals in their uniqueness, the scientific evidence is very outstanding. It is hard for me to not believe in evolution, because there is so much historical evidence with multiple types of bones from different times, of these apes. They grew different and adapted to the world, just as it changed.

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Last night, and this morning, I had a terrible time sleeping. I went to bed around 1:00 and read for about thirty minutes before falling asleep quickly (thanks to my medicine). A couple hours pass and I start to toss and turn. I wake up, change sides, and fall back asleep for a couple minutes before having to change sides again. I have a habit of looking at the clock every time I open my eyes, or change sides. This morning, I woke up multiple times at seven. I just wanted to sleep peacefully, but my mind and body wouldn’t let me. I am so sleepy right now.
Some nights it takes a couple hours to fall asleep, even with my medicine. Rozerem didn’t help at all, Lunesta helped for a couple weeks then went ka-put, now I am on a generic form of Ambien, and it helps me fall asleep and only lasts a couple hours sometimes. It gets really annoying because I am expected to do schoolwork, but I cannot do it when I am yawning every second and laying my head down on my book. I cannot concentrate like that. I take naps often, which I shouldn’t, and still I am able to go to bed early, because I am that tired. A few days ago I started getting really good, restful, sleep. I was happy every morning, felt rested, and didn’t get tired at all until time for sleep. Not anymore.

Here’s a couple videos I thought represent my sleep problem.

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Good Feelings


There’s just something about him that makes me smile more than anything. People may say it will never last, or work out… But I know it will. If people are really in love, they will wait. I will wait for him, and he will wait for me. It is frustrating to not be able to kiss or hug him, but why stop love over something temporarily frustrating? I may yearn for that kiss, or that intimate moment that people can only have in-person, but it will not stop me from loving him and waiting every day for that moment to be together. I cannot wait for the day we see each other, because it will be so beautiful and we will be so happy. Maybe we will live together one day, but for now I have to finish school, which will take a long time. I just hope he waits for me, because I am surely waiting for him. My love, do you hear me? I will wait for you, for however long it takes. For now, I must go. Watch this little clip from Youtube, it’s cute.


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