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Same Shit, Different Day…


As usual, I did schoolwork today. I need to get caught up, but I can’t help talking to people online while I do it. I need to take time in what I am doing and actually do it with interest. It’s hard, because some of the subjects (most of them, actually) are boring to me. I don’t really like American History, because it’s the same stuff happening at different times. I love Science and Biology, but I don’t have a Science class this year. I am excited to take Chemistry next year… But that’s next year. American Literature is okay, but it does have its down moments. French is fun, but it is tough work… And I got a bit behind on it a couple weeks ago. Caught up with it all now. I just have to get caught up with school kids in public schools. Geometry just plain sucks I hate it. I loved Algebra and Pre Algebra, but hated Algebra 2 and now Geometry. It’s so tedious and drawn-out. This year is my last year for any kind of math, though… Thank Jeebus.
Alexis is pregnant. I am so excited. This will be her second baby, and another bundle of terror. Although Eyona and I have trouble sometimes, I love that kid to death. She is a lot like me, as a kid. We have video games and tomboyishness in common. Lex is about 4 months into pregnancy, and starting to show. She works at Starbucks now, as a manager. I am proud of her for getting a better job than Olan Mills. Yuck, those bitches can burn in hell. I need to find a new job, too… Especially if I want to see a special someone, that is overseas and out of my reach. I hope he comes to visit me one day, because the first chance I get, I am.
The money in my bank is slowly dwindling away. I need to stop getting 20 dollars here and there to spend on stupid stuff. It’s my savings account, and I’m supposed to be saving! I would get a job now, but I am being harped on about school too often to care. Gotta get on the ball, and get caught up. Starting next week, I am going to wake up at 8:00 every morning, eat breakfast and wake up, then start school at 9:00. That will be more organized, instead of waking up at 10:00 or 11:00. I will get started and work for a solid 5 hours. That way I can touch up on everything and work an hour overtime, and have fun afterwards!
I am heading off now. Everyone have a good night, morning, or afternoon!

Love, Lindsey


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